My Story with My Girlfriend

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My Story with My Girlfriend

After reading all the stories, I have decided to contribute mine. The truth in my story is decided by you guys. It is up to all of you to believe it or not.

Studying in secondary school had always been exciting. Seeing girls folded their skirts and wearing colored bras. Every day was a test to hide your hard-on.

During those days, it was normal for everyone to have a girlfriend and it was normal that students made out at the staircase at the opposite HDB block.

I can remember clearly the day when my girlfriend, Nedra, and I went to the HDB block opposite our school. As innocent as all secondary two students were, it was the first time we went there. We hit the highest level and went straight to the staircase, trying our best to draw as little attention as possible. Once we reached, we made sure that no one was around before we settled down on the stairs. Not knowing what to do next, we talked and chatted like how normal couples did. As we continued talking, we got closer to one another. Soon, hand gestures to express our feelings was being used. My hand went behind her back and held onto the waist. Her head fell on my shoulder as we continued to talk.

Our normal conversation soon became more open. We started to tease one another with our favorite game of that time. ‘Truth or dare.’

Nedra: “Baby, let’s play truth or dare.”

Me: “Ok!”

Nedra: “Ok. We will decide by scissors, paper, and stone.”

Me: “Anything for you my dear.”

The game started and we started to ask each other questions. I will skip to the questions that led up to the actions.

Nedra: “Baby, do you watch porn?”

Me: “Yes. You?”

Nedra: “Never watch before. Hehe.”

Me: “Hmm. You got try making yourself high before?”

Nedra: (With a shy smile.) “Where got people ask like that one.”

Me: “Means have la. How you make yourself high?”

Nedra: “Erm. Just like how everyone does it lor.”

Me: (Getting more curious and decided to probe.) “How la? You use your……

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