A Simple Story

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A Simple Story

I will start with a story about Tanya. Early on in my career, I was a consultant. In this role, there will be occasions where I will get seconded to client’s offices to focus on what they do.

I first saw Tanya when I was sent to work with this IT company. She was one of a few women working in an IT firm then. But Tanya was truly a rose amongst the thorns.

She was tall, leggy and had nice-sized tits which made her impossible to miss. Like all gorgeous women, she was extremely conscious of her effect on men, including a fresh wide-eyed consultant like me.

Her dress sense was awesome, she would often wear pants to the office with a blouse under and close fitting blazer. She knew this showed off her figure to the maximum. Every so often she would come into the office abandoning her pants for a mini skirt. Her mile-long legs would look so inviting and I would wish I could run my fingers up those soft and milky thighs.

Being the sex addict that I was, I was often caught staring at her while I was working. Being a seconded consultant, I had no fixed desk and could plug my laptop anywhere. I of course chose the best vantage point every time.

I would know when she’s heading off to the water cooler for drinks and I tried to get chances to speak to her there every time. It didn’t work every time, but she had progressed from asking me “How old are you?” to “Aren’t you meeting your girlfriend for dinner?” I had told her that work didn’t allow me much time to make girlfriends, and I was actually quite a young boy and would need her to show me the ropes.

The good thing about that environment was that not many guys in the IT company can hold a conversation very well but I could. It was the only thing that worked for me. She started to invite me for lunch with her and we hit it off really well.

As consultants, we will sometimes work until the last person left the office and locked up. I must admit I sometimes worked OT just to see Tanya a little while……

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