Rant, and Strategies.

Ok long time no post. Been having my ups and downs. As much supporters I get, I get more demanding asses who can’t get girls on their own. #sigh

So here’s the rant, well as glorious I may appear to some of my followers, it’s not as if all my attempts on girls are successful. There are more failures than successes that i dun post here. So people, one trick is to hit more, you will still yield a small amount of victories. So, today I failed again, well honestly speaking, was sceptical about it as my experiences tell me it’s a fake but as stupid as men, you just wanna confirm it so going through it stupidly. 

Well, one good hint to listen to is, if it sounds like too good to be true, it’s probably too good to be true. And I only had one such good encounter, and the sex was awesome. And she was really hot, but only that once. Ok, so back to the point, unless you look super handsome, or super buff, or super rich, you need effort to woo girls for sex or whatsoever. They dun flock to commoners like us. Even me, an undergrad in SMU, looks somehow average or better, would say kinda buff or fit doesn’t get by easy. Haha! it’s not a brag though! So if you’re worst off than me, you have to work harder! Cause no matter how good you’re in talking, you cant “begin” to talk if you do not pass their appearance test. But once you pass the initial test, it’s how you talk, and about your game. That I cant teach, probably through experience or even reading such books will help i guess. 

To be honest, it’s really difficult to find a long term one or someone whose compatible, so I’m always looking for more. Well not that girls contact me as i usually get guys asking for girls’ contacts. Well but all in all, it’s still fun.

Just saying that I’m still lurking around, maybe if there’s scandal, you can check here for fast update!

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