Having Fun at the Chalet

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Having Fun at the Chalet

I used to have an ah beng boyfriend Benson, he was your typical juvenile delinquent who got into gang fights, smoked, scolded vulgarities, drank alcohol and lastly liked to have sex with me. He loved to bring me along with him to gatherings with his friends in order to show me off to them.

Another such gathering took place during December of a certain year, the boys booked a chalet in order to party throughout the night as they so often did. Benson and I arrived at around 5 pm and we began to help out by defrosting the chicken wings to prepare for the BBQ later. I was wearing a white spaghetti strap top with a jean material mini skirt that was quite figure hugging. Benson’s friends will periodically glance in my direction to try and get some down blouse view, although it was never my intention to fulfill their visual desire, but as I was going around helping out I had to bend down quite often much to their delight.

The party started at around 7 pm, it was fun as we blasted music throughout the night and had lots of BBQ food to go with the alcohol. Activity during that night included some of Benson’s friends going to the nearby haunted house to seek some thrill, two of Benson’s friends getting into a fight with each other due to jealousy over one of this girl Mary and some casual game of blackjack.

By 1 am, I was already too tired to carry on and told Benson that I needed to sleep. Benson informed me that there was a room upstairs meant for the girls while the boys will sleep on the floor in the living room. I kissed Benson goodbye and proceeded to the room upstairs. In the room was three other girls, one was the Mary whom the two guys fought over previously, then there was Jane who was the girlfriend of Wei Liang, who was a good friend of Benson and finally Jane’s friend Li Qing. There were two beds, Jane and Li Qing was sharing one and Mary was alone on the other.

I decided not to share the bed with Mary and instead, slept on the sofa. In the……

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