A Cycling Trip Brings on a Story

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A Cycling Trip Brings on a Story

This happened a few years back.

I always cycled alone at East Coast Park almost every Sunday, the distance covered was somewhere from Fort Road (Where I parked my car.), till somewhere at the end of a country club.

It was a lonely and a long ride, but who cares, lots of nice scenery and girls to look at, be it jogging, cycling or roller blading.

Just this Sunday, when I was finishing my ride back to the car park, the sun was almost setting and it was pretty quiet. While I was taking a break, drinking some water sitting on the kerb next to my car, my eye side view saw someone pushing a bicycle toward my direction.

When I turned and looked toward the direction, I saw a nice looking lady in her early twenties, in her cycling shirt, tights, shoes and her well toned body. I guessed she was coming back for her car as well, so didn’t pay attention to her too much.

But she was walking to me and she started to talk to me, below was the conversation.

Her: “Hi, could you help me take a look at my bike?”

Me: “Oh sure, what’s the problem?”

Her: “My bike gear changing got some problems, I can’t seem to switch the gearing.”

Me: “Ok, let me try to see what I can do.”

From my position, I bent down and checked what was the problem with the bike upright, she was bending down holding the bike in front of me, occasionally I lifted up my head and wanted to tell her what may be the cause of the problem and I just saw the nice cleavage right in front of me (The cycling shirt’s zip was down.). I can see a nice pair of boobs being held up by a nice sport bra.

So I just bent down to meddle with the gear change mechanism again and when I lifted my head up again, I saw the same nice pair of boobs again, it was a really nice view for me. I wonder if she was aware of them. And at the same time, my dick also uncontrollably hardened after such a nice view, and bad timing, I was in my cycling tights. I was thinking if she had noticed that I had a hard……

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