Wife and the Innocent Doctor Aw

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Wife and the Innocent Doctor Aw

At the clinic, the receptionist nurse called our turn. There wasn’t anyone else in the clinic. They were about to close. We entered the doctor’s office, he saw us and greeted us. We had been going to Doctor Aw for years.

Doctor Aw: “Hello! Which one of you is unwell today? I hope it is not the both of you…”

The Wife was rather embarrassed…

Me: “Doc, my Wife needs a full checkup, STD checkup. Your clinic provides that right.”

Doctor Aw looked at Wife. The Wife was embarrassed and avoided eye contact.

Doctor Aw: “Oh… Erm… You didn’t inform the receptionist.”

Me: “Would prefer to keep it discreet, do you mind keeping it to yourself?”

Doctor Aw: “Understood…”

Me: “Is it complicated?”

Doctor Aw: “Not really, it depends. How comprehensive do you intend to screen?”

Me: “The complete package. How much would that roughly be?”

Doctor Aw looked at his monitor, clicked a little…

Doctor Aw: “A complete, comprehensive screen will be quite costly, $600++.”

Me: “Wow!”

Doctor Aw: “We will do blood tests and urine tests. And depending on the type of sexual intercourse, we have to take some swabs from the genitals or throat or rectum… It is always better to detect early, better to be safe than sorry.”

Take swabs from Wife’s genitals? In other words he needed to touch my Wife.

Me: “True enough. Ok we will go for the complete package then. Can we proceed now?”

Doctor Aw: “Yes of course, but before we can proceed with the blood and urine test, I need to ask you a few questions first.”

He pointed to Wife.

Doctor Aw: “Have you passed urine within the last two to four hours?”

Wife: “Yes, Doctor Aw.”

Why was she being so obedient?

Doctor Aw: “Have you consumed any for form of alcohol within the last 24 hours.”

Wife: “Is beer alcohol? I drank beer yesterday.”

Doctor Aw: “Yes of course. I am afraid I can’t run any of the blood or urine test today.”

Me: “Is there anything else to be done……

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