My Pretty Sister

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My Pretty Sister

Story submitted by: Wilson

Having my pretty Sister is always my pleasure in my life. My Sister is granted with a wonderful body, which in my mind, the most attracting female body I have ever seen in my life. She is 23 years old with a height of 165 cm. About her body size, meanwhile, I guess would probably be 34-24-34. Being a brother of hers, I think that would be one of the most valuable gifts given to me in my life. Every second she is at home, I would take that opportunity to admire her body from top to bottom, even her hair would make me mad.

One day in the evening, she returned from having fun with her friends outside. Usually, I didn’t bother much about her during the time she came back home. But that day was quite different. I didn’t know why actually. She was wearing a white t-shirt with a black long trousers. Sounds not interesting, right? But her movements just made me felt a little bit different that day.

After putting off her shoes at the side of the main door, she walked in while her left hand was holding a plastic bag. During that time, I was pretending watching television, but my eyes were actually constantly watching my Sister’s movement. She walked in with a few steps, then dropped off the plastic bag on a table located not far from the door. Then she sat on the chair beside the table and removed her socks.

What made me surprised was the thing she did after removing her socks. I saw her stood up and walked towards her room. Before reaching her room, I saw both of her hands holding on the lower part of her t-shirt and pulled up in a move to remove her t-shirt she was wearing. It was that time I can see her blue bra strap on her back as well as her smooth and white skin. It was the first time I saw her that way and instantly made my cock erected. In my mind, I decided to see her even more even though I knew that was my Sister.

After she changed into a short and fit green t-shirt which revealed her belly along with a short pants,……

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