My Auntie-In-Law

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My Auntie-In-Law

After reading so much great experiences by the bros here, I too have something to share. This happened quite a couple of years ago, and unlike what you guys have read in this forum – encounters of girlfriend’s sisters, friends, colleagues, I had an unusual encounter with my wife’s auntie-in-law, which means my wife’s mother’s younger sister. Who was ten years older than myself.

It all started in 2001, when I was dating my current wife. One day I went to her grandparent house to pick her up. As I never met her family before, plus feeling shy, I choose to wait for her at the lift lobby. After ten minutes, she came down with an early 30s looking women and introduced her as her fourth auntie (My wife got three aunties, she ranked the last.). She’s already married with two kids, but her husband was always travelling. And her exact age that time was 35, but she sure looked like just reaching 30 that kind of age. About 1.6m tall, super slim waist, couldn’t really tell she already gave birth to two kids.

In 2003, due to the network I had with many lobangs, I started a hampering packaging company to cater for the Christmas and Lunar New Year hampering demand needs. At the same time, also to make some side money. My wife and I were already married that time. Business was good, as we received numerous orders. The only headache we had was we were really shorthanded, even though we all took two weeks leave to do the job. Hence, my wife suggested to ask her fourth auntie for help, as she was also experienced in packaging. Without asking for any commission, her auntie gladly agreed to help, as she was a housewife at that time.

Hence, I brought all the materials to my auntie-in-law place, ok, we call her by the name of Jess. Upon reaching her block, it actually started to rain, so I called Jess to come down to help me carry materials with me. As we entered her house, it was already pouring heavily outside, just then my hand phone rang, it was my wife (She was also……

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