End of Year Camp

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End of Year Camp

Story submitted by: Mesieur

This story is a continuation of ‘Our Little Secret’, posted on this same website. This story is purely fictional, based on my sexual fantasies.

A few months later, I went through my O levels and graduated from the dreaded school. I came back after graduating to help the current executive committee (EXCO.), members plan and lead the camps. Charmaine was there and she was as beautiful as ever. We were in a relationship since the incident (In ‘Our Little Secret’), but kept it low key. We went to school together, went home from school together, but kept PDA to a minimal in school and on social media. But we acted so madly in love when we were alone out and about. Other people rumored us together, but we just ignored them and went on.

There was a student council camp on the 22nd till 23rd of December and it was the first camp that my junior EXCO’s were planning, so I bumped in and helped them through planning. Come first day, Charmaine and I came together to school, earlier by a few hours, just to spend some time alone. Since I graduated, I was considered an alumni and no longer a student of the school, so I wasn’t allowed to stay overnight in school. Which was a total bummer, but I was planning to illegally stay overnight, sneakily. 6 am, we arrived at school. I was carrying her unnecessarily heavy bag and she carried my light backpack. We ate breakfast at a nearby Mcdonald’s while waiting for the school gates to open. We headed straight to the student council (SC.), room to chill out and cuddle.

We set our bags down and she immediately headed for the L shaped sofa. I switched on the air conditioning, pulled down the blinds and joined her on the couch. She laid down and was on her phone, checking Instagram, scrolling and double tapping pictures. I laid down beside her and she shifted her body, such that her head was on my chest and my right arm went around to the right side of her tummy. We were both tired after breakfast,……

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