My Sibei Hot Cousin from Toronto: Pauline!

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My Sibei Hot Cousin from Toronto: Pauline!

Two weeks ago at work, I got an email from my aunt, who had moved to Toronto saying: Hey Nelson, your cousin Pauline is doing a long back-packing trip across Asia. She’ll be stopping by Singapore for a few days and I am wondering if she can stay at your place.

Then I replied: “Sure. Why not? Should be ok. I got a spare room.”

I hadn’t seen Pauline since we were teenagers (I think.). Anyway, it was damn bloody long ago. Anyway the next day, she added me on Facebook and we started to talk. She asked me a few questions about Singapore, what to do, etc. Aiyah, you know lah, the usual boring tourist bullshit… Sibei sianz, must be ‘tao you’ for her.

I was answering her messages when I realized that I didn’t even know how she looked like. So I clicked on her ‘Photos’ on Facebook and wah lao eh, I got a fucking big shock. She was nothing like I expected (My family did not have anyone who really looked good.), but…

She looked fucking hot siah!

So anyway, I clicked on her photos, and she’s like this totally ang moh style Chinese girl. She had shoulder length dark brown hair (I think dyed one.), and big eyes and it seemed like she’s into water sports, because a lot of her photos were by the beach.

I tell you… Her knockers in the photos. Wah liao I saw already I drooled siah. It was almost like bursting out of her bikini. I saw liao I quickly fast hand fast leg tried and cooked up more conversation with her on Facebook liao.

After chatting on Facebook with her, I found out that she’s about the same age as me, but a bit older, like three years older. Wah shiok. I liked older women. She said that she was taking a year off from work because she didn’t have much time to travel when she was young, so now taking the chance to travel.

I asked her about what she worked as, and she told me that for five years, she worked as a model! Holy fuck me! Now she’s working in a design company as a consultant or something. But fuck siah! How come I didn’t know t……

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