Poly Student

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Poly Student

Story submitted by: Gem

It had been six months since my breakup from a six year relationship. I had known Jeremy, now my ex-boyfriend, since our secondary school days. After a year of courtship, we became steady.

The reason for breaking up with me, was because he had found another girl who was willing to give in to him and satisfy his sexual needs. Coming from a conservative and strict family, sex was a taboo and throughout the six years, despite all his sort of advancements, touching me was a definitely a no no, let alone sex. Although we did french and kiss, and allowed him to hold hands and sometimes my waist. That was the limit I went as far as I was concerned. Even though sometimes when I was not aware while kissing, he would try to squeeze my boobs and honestly it did feel good for me, but I would still stop him. Thinking that I should save the best things for after marriage. Hence, not once did I allow him to enjoy my 34C-24-36 body. It was a long six years of sex-starved relationship for Jeremy.

By the time when I came to enlightenment after a long six months of tears and heartbreak, my mentality changed and I realized having sex before marriage was no longer a big deal. I realized that my conviction had made me lose someone I really liked, but the more important issue was that my studies should not be affected by such unchallenged relationship. The breakup had bad negative impact on my studies and grades. Without the mood to study or do my final project, it would mean I would most likely fail and redo another year, which was very crucial for me, because previously I have ace-ed with good grades. Especially now when I was in my final year of my poly, it would be a shame if I had not completed my final year and got my diploma in business information technology.

Approximately more than one and a half month’s towards our FYP (Final year project.), submission, my FYP supervisor, Jeffrey Teo, called me into his office.

Jeffrey: “Gem, do you……

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