Steamy Windows

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Steamy Windows

It was another overtime at work. Fuck. It had been a long two weeks of continuous overtime and weekend burns. If this kept up I will going to have a major burnout. I was so looking forward to the weekend (Cross fingers.), with no call back for work. I seriously needed a break. Why was I always the only one who stayed back where everyone disappeared when the clock struck 6:30 pm? It was so unfair. Perhaps it was just my stupid philosophy of needing to finish everything fast or was it the perfectionist side that’s stopping me from going home on time?

I was working in an old yet established firm doing accounts, set in a really old factory space near Genting area. Surrounding me were all similar factories. But there was always this area on my opposite building with the lights on almost every late night. A yellowish light amidst a translucent curtain against a tinted glass, same level as me. I could see what’s opposite sometimes though it was almost opaque. It was weird that the only light you see was only the small room. Every time I can see a female silhouette moving around.

I knew that company. I had some friends there as the industry was small. It was quite a small setup of six people. We did go out for lunch or tea break.

Thinking it was nothing much I went back to my work until I saw the silhouette undressing. Though it was only a silhouette, it was seductive.

Thinking with the other brain, I had thought, yes, maybe I should get myself a good binoculars to peep. At the very thought of it, it made me hard. Perhaps working late was not considered bad after all.

Now I had an aim for the weekend already. Binoculars shopping time. Hur hur, I giggled to myself as I went back to work and left an hour later.

Perhaps staying late might not turn out to be a bad thing after all.

The weekend was here as I excitedly went online to research for the perfect binoculars, of course it should be cheap la.

I managed to hunt one after hours and went on to……

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