Weekend with Girlfriend’s Best Friend

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Weekend with Girlfriend’s Best Friend

It started this way, as girlfriend was out of the country for two weeks and her best friend’s (Let’s name her Erin.), boyfriend also out of town one week. So my girlfriend suggested me to hang out with Erin during that particular weekend so that I wouldn’t be bored. As her place got Play Station 3, she suggested me to go to Erin’s house to play PS3 and just hang out because Erin was also alone and got nothing to do.

Erin and her boyfriend rented the whole house to themselves and like all boys, Erin’s boyfriend got few gadgets which I didn’t have like PS3. Erin was rather open and warm towards the idea when my girlfriend told her this plan. She said, “Sure, okay, no problem.” Well, for me, actually I wasn’t keen but I just said ‘Ok’ at that time.

More about Erin: She was not petite, not BBW, somewhere in between petite and BBW which made her having the right curves in the right place. Her boobs I think was 36B / B+ and she got long black hair to the middle of her back. She and her boyfriend were quite active in sex life (As told by her to my girlfriend and my girlfriend to me.).

Erin and boyfriend always got it on since they lived alone and once, I heard them having sex while I called her. How did I know? By her short and quick intake of air and short answers and also the sounds of piak, piak, piak did not help much either. :p

When we went for double dating, Erin always wore short dresses, low cuts, body hugging top. I always took the opportunity to steal glances at her, her legs, her boobs, down blouse every time when opportunity arose. Not sure if she noticed though? The weird thing was, me and my girlfriend had small talks before and we said Erin’s boyfriend seemed very fond of my girlfriend and Erin seemed very fond of me. Reason being was Erin was very accommodating to me (Not to her boyfriend.), and her boyfriend was very accommodating to my girlfriend (Not Erin.). Sometimes when my girlfriend was not around (Like went toilet etc.),……

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