A Nerdy Guy’s Encounters

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A Nerdy Guy’s Encounters

After reading some amazing stories in this forum since six years ago, I had been tempted to try some of the methods and tactics shared by bros here. I am not trying to earn points, but trying to get something off my chest as I can’t really share this to my friends. I am writing all these solely to share my excitement and achievement to bros here with similar lifestyle and interest. Yes, that’s right. None of my friends actually know I am a predator even though I am nerdy and innocent looking.

For those bros here with high moral grounds and ethics, you can choose to skip or zap me. I don’t really appreciate the point system. And many of the things I am going to reveal will most likely be frowned upon by fellow bros here, but this is the only venue for me to share my encounters. So hope you guys understand.

Ok, just a short introduction. Currently working as an engineer in a MNC, graduated from NTU a few years ago with an engineering degree. Most of my friends know me as someone who is honest, hardworking, nerdy and pretty down-to-earth. For me, I work hard and play hard. And I will intentionally talk to attractive females and flirted with them if I feel I can get closer to them.

So below is a true story involving me and two other ladies and yes, I am still currently trying to hook up a few more. And the stories are very long and very few descriptions involving sex, so please be patient. Some details are changed to protect the ladies identities. This is especially true for my second gal. A detailed description of her will reveal her identity as she’s very prominent in university, so I have to change some details in case someone in my university cohort reads this.

It was my first year in university. I was bored in the first week and so I went to MIRC and tried to hook up gals. One was a nick known as Lady D, who claimed she was only fifteen years old and a self-proclaimed Chinese cutie. I was of course skeptical about meeting online ladies from……

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