CJC Classmate to My Girlfriend Then to Fuck Buddies

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CJC Classmate to My Girlfriend Then to Fuck Buddies

She was a virgin, how could I not even know… She just turned eighteen then. But her experience level was hard to believe, she totally took my breath away. It was either she had experience with other males or she watched porn as her career…

She was my classmate in double math class in CJ. We seldom talked, but we exchanged shy glances always. She would sometimes come to me and borrow little things such as eraser or ruler. She came to borrow a ruler from me one day… But as she was walking back to her desk, I saw a freaking ruler sitting there! That was when I realized that those were all her attempts to interact with me! How stupid can I get, after two months…? Really?????

Anyways, I didn’t wait long at all. I took the initiative to begin writing on her table when she went to the toilet. Took me a while to harness the courage to walk to her desk and write my number on it, I signed off of course. She got the message and we chatted there since.

I managed to get her out within a week. We went to movies initially, but I didn’t dare to make any moves on her. Sometimes during movies I just acted as if it was an accident and brushed her hand – it was always her right hand. So there was this time when I sat on her left, which then exposed me to her left hand. It was then when she leaned onto me, resting her head on my shoulders. I immediately got a hard on, she totally caught me off guard. The thing was, she didn’t just rest her head, she rested her entire left boobs on my right arm. I could feel the softness of her bra and was so tempted to grope her on the spot. Of course I resisted the thought.

From then on, our interactions became intimate… We began fondling each other on buses, on our way home. We would usually wait for double decker buses then we boarded. 147 distant journeys were our favorite, other than a few stops with lots of abu neh neh, the rest of the journey we were pretty much undisturbed. We started off with soft kisses. Again, it……

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