Conservative Wife

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Conservative Wife

In younger days (About two years ago.), I met a local married couple on CL (Both Singaporean Chinese in early 40’s.). The wife was an attractive woman, looked like a trophy wife, big boobs, but very conservative and shy when we initially met. Both worked good jobs in a bank.

He had fantasies of watching me and another guy in a MFM with his wife. Also wanted to spend time in a public place watching us flirt and ogle his wife.

If bros are keen, I can share the details of the three times we met.

But more recently, I have gotten to know the guy because I wanted to understand why a guy would watch his very attractive wife be set upon by two horny guys. And when I get married, will I go through a similar phase.

Do any other bros have this fantasy about their wives? Or any experience getting shy wives out of their shell?

It was January 2013 and I was still working for a bank and on a short term break from my girlfriend (We would have a permanent break up about 18 months later.). I felt instead of dating, to maybe use this time to explore more of what was out there. So I checked out Craigslist, more just to browse. I viewed a few ads under the MW4M category, just to see what was out there.

I saw one ad, which read ‘Local Chinese couple (40’s.), seek straight man for MFM’. I read on and I recalled something like ‘Educated, sexy wife wants to explore her boundaries with one or two respectful younger men. Hubby will watch and host at a nice hotel. Please reply with pic.’

I sent them an email with my details with a slightly blurry pic. They (He.), replied back right away with a pic of them both.

He said they wanted to try something new and that her sex drive was far higher than his. If I was ok with it, he would watch me and another man pleasure his wife. All four of us would meet for drinks first at a hotel bar and then head up to a room if the chemistry was good. She said the wife (Melinda (Name changed.)), was very shy and nervous, so may……

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