It All Started with a Kiss

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It All Started with a Kiss

I was still in secondary school, taking my O levels that year. I was a fat boy, had a loyal bunch of bros but never had any luck with girls in my age range. Yeah, was sixteen then.

I loved to visit beaches alone, I visited Sentosa like at least once a month. It was then I met her. Let’s call her O.

O: “Hey there, can I place my bags under the shelter too?”

“Yeah, sure, please do.”

‘Holy shit’, was probably going on my mind. She was in hot pants, singlet with her black bikini bra strap sticking out on her left shoulder. Around 162 cm tall, 40 – 41 kg. Very skinny, probably max B cup. Her sweat glittered, found along her shoulders and arms when the sunlight hit her. I never forgot this sight of my first love.

O: “Thanks, you alone?”

“Yeah, as usual.”

O: “Ahhh, I see.”

She walked to the other side of the shelter, placed her bags on the opposite side of my bags.

And she happily took out her towel, placed it neatly on the hot sands and sat on it.

I never cared about her after that.

Soon later a group of guys asked to allow them to place their bags under the shelter too, they visually raped O when she was slowly rubbing herself neck down to her hands with sun block. It was then I noticed she took off her singlet already. I saw her sexy curves, very firm small sized boobs and her small tattoo on her back.

That sight was amazing and it sent a tingling sensation down on my little bro.

I turned away and ignored the whole scene. The guys started playing Frisbee far away and I continued my sun bathing.

Near evening, I decided to leave. I packed up my ‘ba long long’s and went off.

By the time I reached my apartment door steps, then I realized my Nokia 3000+ was missing. (3320 I think. That phone was the kind with the ball in the middle one.)

I grabbed my mom’s phone to text my own number, “Hey, this is XXX, and I lost my phone. Should any kind soul who picked it up, please tell me where to collect from you.”

My first love r……

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