The Problem Gal in School

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The Problem Gal in School

Lead character: Wendy, seventeen, a secondary five problem student in a girls’ school. Born as a result of pre-marital sex by parents. Father left with another gal when young and thus was raised by her mother. The mother herself was a typical ah lian and as a result, Wendy was being influenced by her.

“Ahhhh… Faster. Mmmmmm… Faster.” Moaning sounds rang out from my mother’s room.

The noise was disrupting me from my sleep as it got louder. I got out of my bed and walked towards my mother’s room. I slowly opened the door and peeked inside. Uncle Tan was fucking mummy again. I wondered what was so fun as I had done it before with my ex-boyfriend and he released within five minutes. I did not even enjoy it.

Mummy continued to moan louder as Uncle Tan continued to pump her. Before long, Uncle Tan released his load and I saw mummy taking tissues to help him clean up. Uncle Tan reached for his wallet and gave mummy $500. They started to get dressed up and I quickly closed the door.

The door was soon opened. I pretended as if nothing had happened.

Uncle Tan passed by me and took a look at me.

“Ni de nuu er zhang da le. Bu cuo. You ni de yi chung.” (Your daughter has grown bigger. Like mother, like daughter.). Uncle Tan commented.

“You lao de bu gou, hai yao xiao de. Bie da ta de zhu yi.” (Already have me, still want my daughter. Don’t have any ideas on her.). My mom replied.

“Wo zhi ai ni yi ge.” (I only love you.). Uncle Tan said.

“Tao yan guai (You are bad.). Hao le la. Zai bu zou ni jia you yao da gei ni le.” (Stop playing. It’s late. Go home now or your wife will call again.). Mom said.

My mother had been Uncle Tan’s mistress for the past year. I wondered why my mom would want to hook up with a married man, but she asked me to stay out of her affairs.

“Ma, I want $50.” I asked from my mom.

“Don’t have.” My mom replied.

“Just now, Uncle Tan gives you $500.”

“How dare you, peep at me again.” My mom raised her……

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