My Lonely Neighbor

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My Lonely Neighbor

I have to change some names and details… Hehehehe!

My wife and I had lived in our current apartment for about eight years now. We paid a yearly fee which paid for landscaping upkeep, a gym and a small pool. I enjoyed it so far because of the fact that I didn’t have to mow the grass. I also liked it because there were a lot of young people just like me, so I felt a little more comfortable talking to my neighbors.

Whenever I walked my dog, I tend to see a few people and I generally said hi to them. Usually it didn’t go beyond that, unless they initiated the conversation.

One beautiful sunny day, I was standing outside waiting for my dog to go to the bathroom (Makes you hot, right?), when I noticed another woman outside with her dog as well. I waved to her and she waved back with a smile. After a few minutes of silence, she took her dog back inside. After a few seconds, I did the same.

A few days later, while taking out my dog again, I noticed the same neighbor outside. We exchanged smiles and she eventually walked up to me. While the two dogs were getting to know one another, we tried to do the same.

Her name was Lynn and she recently moved to Kuala Lumpur from Jitra, Kedah. I told her I was from the Penang as well and we talked about how nice the weather was down here which was a big bullshit conversation starter. Lynn brought up her husband and I talked about my wife. After a few minutes, she went back inside. At this time, I finally noticed how sexy she looked. She had smooth dark skin and short brown hair. She was about 140 pounds or so and was a few inches shorter than I was. She was wearing extremely short shorts with a yellow tank top. She looked pretty damn good and after talking with her, I couldn’t wait to see her again.

She seemed like a Thai to me, but spoke fluent English with an American slang. Woww! But in order not to probe further into her personal thingy. She had an American husband working with our local petroleum……

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