Turning Tables

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Turning Tables

30 January 2012

I was definitely not the brightest student in the level, but it really doesn’t matter today. It was the first day of orientation and there I was standing at the front of the parade square – with a pretty hot girl next to me.

She was dressed in her white PE tee and black FBT shorts, showing off her slightly tanned skin. Her sleeves were rolled up in the morning heat as she held up the plastic placard telling everyone in OG3 to come our way. Her long legs were simply irresistible and I found myself staring at them.

Students wearing all sorts of secondary school uniforms started coming towards us and sitting on the ground. I ignored the boys and turned my attention to those 16 year old girls, young but legal – as long as I didn’t pay them. Some were dressed in pinafores, others in dresses or skirts, but I knew that in a few days, they’ll all be in the same brown blouse and short brown skirts just like the rest of their seniors.

I dropped my cheap pencil and bent down to pick it up, glancing at all the girls who were not sitting properly. Almost all of them were wearing FBT’s of assorted colors underneath, but the girl who caught my attention most was wearing what I thought was a white pair of panties. I looked at her again from where I was standing. She looked too pretty, but innocent in her secondary school uniform, sweating under the hot morning sun.

Me: “Hey Rachel, are they all here already? It is so hot here I want to get a move on.”

Rachel: “Hmm… Almost la. One more guy missing. Maybe he’s late.”

Me: “Eh, all the other OG’s moving off le leh. Don’t wait for him la.”

Rachel: “Cannot la…”

I was quite pissed that I still had to stand under the sweltering hot sun, but took the opportunity to hand Rachel a piece of tissue paper. Step one of wooing a girl was talking to her. Step two was being nice.

Rachel muttered a word of thanks and continued to hold the placard up high. I decided what the heck and proceeded to ……

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