The Back Alley of Sin – the Beginning, Trainings, Addiction, Screams

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The Back Alley of Sin – the Beginning, Trainings, Addiction, Screams

The beginning… Ten years ago…

Sitting by the altar, little Yuna looked to her twin sister, Mikki. Both girls sat there in white tees, too young to fully understand what was going on. After all, they were just eight years old. The prayers and incense were making them slightly giddy, which was made worse by the scores of people looking sadly at them.

“Come, let’s go back and sleep. Mummy’s sleeping. Don’t disturb her on her bed,” a voice came next to their small ears.

A man in white shirt with tired red eyes squatted beside Yuna and Mikki. The two girls rubbed their eyes and asked, “Daddy, why is mummy sleeping there? Can she go home with us?” Vaguely understanding what had happened over the last few days.

“Mummy is sleeping. Tomorrow, she will be home,” Jackel replied.

Jackel was Yuna’s and Mikki’s step-father. Once a researcher, but the recession in 1999 forced many companies to restructure and trimmed their operations. Jackel was on a side project which wasn’t doing too well, hence retrenched and not being able to find a job since. Still bent on doing research, he had developed clinical psychological problems but went unnoticed. The two girls’ mum was a failed ‘experiment’ after three years of ‘testing’ on her… Hence the tired red eyes… Jackel then turned to the two girls and smiled.

“Daddy will take care of you from now onwards. Daddy will make sure you are prepared…”

Yuna was the more naive one and will always listen to her dad. Whilst Mikki was more alert of what will be coming, she was also the submissive type. Both held each other’s hand and walked with Daddy.

Jackel took a final look at the offerings and picture… Smiled and then suddenly changed into a cold hard stare at the rest of the relatives before leading the girls back to their home – where home was a bungalow with a basement and three levels high… An inheritance from the previous husband to Yuna and Mikki’s mum…

The trainings…

The bungalow……

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