My Story: Garena Chat Room

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My Story: Garena Chat Room


It was 19th June 2013 that I first started chatting with her online.

That day, I was bored playing my DOTA in Garena and decided to rest for a moment while smoking in front of my computer. Suddenly I noticed a girl with a very lustful nick (It caught my attention the moment she entered the chat room.), and well, I felt the intense urge to PM her immediately.

Me: “Are you new to here? I have never seen you before.”

Waited for some time before she started to reply me, so I thought she wouldn’t even reply me, and when I was just about to close the conversion window, she replied.

She: “Ya, I am new to here and I have recently created an account in Garena to play online with my friends.”

Me: “Is there any game now? Could I have the honor to join you for a game?”

She: “Yes, please wait for a while as my friend is trying to get into the room.”

Me: “Ok, I will wait for your friend to create the game.”

Me: “Could I ask you something?”

She: “What?”

Me: “Your nick is very special.”

She: “Yes, I can’t think of any good nick, so I pick this nick.”

Me: “Is there any meaning to your nick? It is quite arousing you know!”

She: “Haha, for me to know, for you to find out!”

Me: “Wah… Bully sia! How I suppose to find out? Is it due to your high sexual desire?”

She: “My friend is here, join his game, we chat in the game.”

So I joined her friend’s game and teamed up with her together. In the game, had some decent chat with her and managed to dig out some information like her age, her height, weight, workplace, hobby etc…

She’s 28 years old, height about 155 cm, weight about 50 kg, and she was working in the city area.

I was really enjoying my game while chatting with her inside. I knew she’s a newbie to DOTA and she’s not good at playing it. Hence, I was always beside her character during the game to prevent her from feeding.

After the match, even though we lost quite badly, however, she was thankful for my……

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