A Short Story

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A Short Story

I had just returned from a long working trip and it had been a long time since I met up with Joey.

We spoke over MSN quite often while I was away and although I didn’t plan on it, I found myself driving towards her place as it was the eve of CNY and her folks had gone to Malaysia, leaving her alone at home.

It was a warm night and I dropped her a sms when I was below her place. She buzzed me in and I went up.

It’s been a while since I came here. I met Joey a few years ago online when I was still in college and what attracted me to her was her bubbly nature, a megawatt smile and little quirks.

We dated a few times, but nothing came of it. The last time I sent her home, I had given her flowers and confessed to her, but she had just come out of a relationship and wasn’t ready to commit.

It was pretty late that night when I sent her back and I remembered she wore a denim skirt and a top that resembled a furry plush towel. We spent a bit of time looking at each other and as I was about to leave, she hugged me and said it was too bad we met at the wrong time.

She leaned in and kissed me on the lips and gently she parted my lips with her tongue. It was sweet, and warm. Our tongues swirled as we were locked in an embrace, battling each other. She nibbled on my tongue, she sucked on it, and I returned the favor.

I roamed her back with my hands and slipped them under her top. She didn’t resist. Her skin was soft. It was supple. It was smooth. Flawlessly smooth, like a baby’s.

As we fought, I slowly reached in front, then she pulled away and smiled. Then she walked away.

There was to be no action that night, or many nights after when we somehow stopped meeting. We still chatted, but somehow we went on with our lives. I graduated, found a job and started traveling a lot for work.

I stood there looking at the distantly familiar surroundings and that lost opportunity years ago. Perhaps tonight, something may happen?

I remembered we……

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