She Was Those Kind of Typical Good Girl

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She Was Those Kind of Typical Good Girl

Being a new and young JC teacher, it can be really boring and mundane.

All I got to see in school, were just nerdy students mugging non-stop for the coming A levels.

Well! But there were always a few students who were the exceptions.

One of them was Joyce.

Joyce was my Physics student. She was those kind of typical good girl. Never failing to hand up any given homework and had never been late for a single class. Also, having seen her parents picking her up right after school every single day showed how strict her family was.

She stood out from her classmates due to her beauty. Having those smooth fair skin accompanied by her flawless slender legs with a tight gap and a curvy body from her netball training. Not forgetting her B cup size looking boobs that complimented her petite size body perfectly, with that tight perky ass.

In class, many of her male classmates treated her exceptionally well.

Well, I bet they were trying to make an impression to woo her. But the girls in her clique will usually shatter those guys’ hearts by telling them “Joyce is a good girl! She doesn’t want to get into any relationship! She said she will only consider one after university.”

One weekend evening, I was going back home from my usual gym session. I saw this girl walking in front of me. What I saw was her back view, a girl with long silky hair, curvy body, fair smooth skin, perfect legs, and dressing in a white crop top that was translucence enough to see the shadow of a yellow bra. Accompanied with a short blue shorts, beautifying her tight perky ass.

At that moment Joyce crossed my mind.

I thought to myself, “Wow! Such a coincidence! That must be Joyce!”

Since she was walking towards the same direction as my house, I decided to follow behind her to enjoy the perfect view of her ass, watching her tight ass swaying left and right made it tough for me not to fantasize about squeezing her tight perky ass. After a while, she entered a……

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