I Saw Them in the Laundry Area Hanging Their Laundry to Dry

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I Saw Them in the Laundry Area Hanging Their Laundry to Dry

Studying in a local university was really stressful and competitive. Well! I guessed my daily motivation for the classes was to see my eye candy.

Jane and Anne were the two hottest and prettiest girls in the class. What’s best, the both of them were like the closest buddies you can ever find! Two of them being in the same class, staying in the same hall and room. So apparently when you saw one of them, naturally the other would be there too. Many suspected that they were lesbian.


Around 165 cm, fair skin. Slender legs and a pair of B cup breasts that fit her body perfectly, with that firm and tight ass. Not forgetting her shoulder length hair that enhanced her beauty. Jane seemed to be the quieter and the shy one.


Slightly taller than Jane, maybe around 170 cm. Well! It was the same! All the pretty girls had got the same attributes isn’t it! Fair skin, slender legs! But here was the difference! Anne seemed to have a bigger pair of boobs and her hair reached just right below her boobs. Anne was louder and more of an outgoing kind.

The both of them were like the angels in the class, always attracting the eyes of many other guys. I was no exception. I was just luckier that I stayed in the same hall as them! The chances of me seeing them were much higher! One night, I was about to bring my dirty laundry to the washing area for washing and just happened Jane and Anne were there too. Both of them in their FBT, revealing their long and slender legs. My eyes opened up bright when I saw them in the laundry area hanging their laundry to dry.

Anne: “Hey Jim!”

Jane: “Hey Jim! Washing your clothes too?”

Me: “Yea, was kind of busy the last few days.”

Anne: “Must be mugging for exam right!!! Haha!”

Me: “No laaa… Was doing some CCA thing.”

During the conversation, I was putting my laundry into the washing machine, but at the corner of my eyes, I can see Jane and Anne hanging up clothes to dry. It caught my attention when I……

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