Hi! Glad to hear various people interested in what I’ve started even if it’s you being a straight or your girlfriends want to see it. Am still thrilled that there are people supporting my blog!

Anyway can find me @anonymoushardon and face won’t be shown as usual and thus the ID.

After a few days of activity on my secret Instagram account, I realized that it’s really difficult for guy to start a “sexy” Instagram or be sexually enticing in photos compared to girls.

For my loyal followers, I hope you guys can help me spread my IG to gain more exposure and leaving feedbAcks on current photos will definitely be a great thing but also give me ideas how to be sexy on Instagram.

But interesting enough, for a place where they ban such R18+ stuff, it just makes you more excited to share your photo on it, and also to be private messaging some of liked-mind people there photos that we can’t post on IG.

Ultimately, it’s a place for me to show off myself, as I’m really an expressive person wanting to be seen and sharing the joy haha! My Instagram will be alike my blog where there may be random appearance of girls that I’m “close” to and may have their sexy body part appearing.

That’s all for now, stay horny and have fun people!

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