My Little Aunty Roma

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My Little Aunty Roma

Story submitted by: Shawn

Growing up, my Aunt stayed with us for a while. She was a lot younger than my mom. She used to babysit me and my sister a lot during those three years. I was five and my sister was eight. My dad was extremely tall, especially for someone of Hispanic heritage being 6’5. My mom was 5’8 which was also tall. My little Aunt was not tall at all, however, I guessed because she was the half sister of my mom and her mom was very tiny. She had a twin brother too, and he seemed to get all of her height.

My Aunt was and I still think the most beautiful woman alive. She would spoil my sister and I because she and her brother were the youngest and never got to be the adults. She was always kind and very affectionate to all of us. Like I said, she was very tiny (4’9). I was five so she looked tall to me, but I could see when my mom or dad hugged her she was so tiny to them. She was twelve years younger than my mom so that made her about eighteen when she came to live with us.

She worked at what I guessed was a place like Hooters before those restaurants existed. She would wear seductive dresses, pantyhose always, and very tall heels. It wasn’t a strip club because our family would go to eat there sometimes and she would give us discounts. We were all of Hispanic heritage, but I loved that my Aunt had beautiful skin that was just dark enough and very smooth. She would dye her hair blonde and it looked so pretty and real looking.

One day as my dad was leaving for work she was coming in after being out all night. I remembered them standing talking and wondering how my dad was so much taller than her. He picked her up in a hug and swayed her side to side which made her heels come off. Standing there with her pantyhose feet, she looked like a dwarf next to my dad when he put her down. She giggled and said, “You’re a giant!”

He said no it was just that she was a fairy. I was only five, but that started my fixation with pantyhose and……

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