A Memorable Afternoon with My Cousin

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A Memorable Afternoon with My Cousin

Story submitted by: CheckeredLover

Opening introduction to a kinky sexual fantasy exploration

Hmm. I got a huge crush on my sixteen year old cousin her name is Jasmine, when I was just seventeen, that was about two years back. We had been in touch on and off over the phone or MSN and weekend outings when I didn’t usually spend time in my grandma’s house during school period. I liked her since I was about thirteen to fourteen, but didn’t dare to tell her so even though there was a time she kept persuading me to tell her. I told her I had something to tell her, but it had to be alone, but I never had the courage to do it! She was very cute and pretty, with a nice body and bubbly personality. I believed that she had an inclination on me as there was various occasions that she would always like to sit beside me asking my other cousins to give in to her just to sit beside me. And whenever we played, she would like to flirt with me by accidentally touching my hands or my thighs. I somehow flirted with her along for cooperative responses.

How it all happened

It was in December, which was a school holiday that we managed to go out often as I visited my grandma’s house during school holidays. It all happened that we were alone in the house when I was having an afternoon nap in her room on the floor, and of course before I went for my nap, she wasn’t around in the first place. However, it happened that when I woke up, she was sleeping on her bed.

She looked sweet with her short hair like a little girl and moreover, she was wearing a spaghetti red soft silky checkered dress. That alone made me feel very high, as I had a fetish for checkered cloths, especially this type. It was so good… This caused me to masturbate myself with the checkered sarong as I always slept with wearing one so that I won’t feel so hot at night and it was convenient. I crapped over her and softly kissed her lips and said how much I loved her. Before I knew it, she opened her eyes,……

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