Sexual Education

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Sexual Education

Story submitted by: Dan

Being nineteen of age, I was very curious about sex and the prescribed sexual education in school did not satisfy my curiosity so I decided it was time I self-sourced my knowledge of sex and here goes:

I was working in a department store as a part time retail assistant and my colleagues around me were surprisingly relatively younger than the other departments, where they were aunties. Most of them came from across the straits to come work here in Singapore. I was close to the few who were closer to me in age around twenty plus. We were all very open and relaxed around each other as we were mostly all from the same hometown. One of the topics we loved talking about was love and sex. Everyone asked whether I had a girlfriend already or not, but sadly I was single at the time. One of them actually asked me directly whether I was a virgin or not, but all I could reply was:

“Yes of course.”

“Huh nineteen years old liao lei.” Jane commented.

“Siao you do with me la!” I rebutted her, but nothing happened between me and her (Well, not yet.), but it was another female promoter that satisfied my curiosity and my desire to try my ‘First’.

Cara was a promoter from another department, but she was close with colleagues in our department as she was also from the same hometown as us. She was good friend with Jane as I often spent time having meals with Jane and her during our breaks and yes she was also very open about sex.

“Wa ah boy you so handsome no girlfriend ah?”

“No, I am lonely and single can? Break law already is it?” I answered while feeling annoyed for being asked the same question again and again.

“Eh next time your future girlfriend wants to do with you, don’t know anything how?” Cara gave me those teacher’s stare.

“Hahaha, eh you also single right, you do with him and teach him la.” Mocked Jane.

Cara at twenty five of age was not exactly the prettiest type of girl, but she stood tall at 175 cm, boasting a……

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