Chalet Sex

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Chalet Sex

Story submitted by: Wonderful Experience

At this moment, I am going to shamelessly post my own story. This one has been posted on two other Delphi forums, so I am not going to bother to give the background story behind it. PS: Sometimes ‘He’ and ‘I’ the terms got mixed up, was too engrossed in writing the story down. The story is original. Trust me.

First time sexual experiences.

This story was translated from one told by my friend at a chalet gathering.

Don’t believe if you choose to, but this story is real. 🙂

PS: Shaan is pronounced as ‘Sha – ann’.


Richard was a young man in his teens. An all-rounded person, he was actively involved in the NCC, and other than having come from a family that was relatively well-to-do, he was also blessed with an intelligence that granted him good results for his O level examinations. His parents were, least to say, extremely happy about his results. However, Richard was not a child who was allowed much freedom. It was only his good results which just managed to convince his parents to allow him to spend part of his long December holidays at a class gathering at a chalet in East Coast.

“Listen, ah boy, your father and I will be off in Genting Highlands for the next three days too, so here is $200.” Richard’s ears could not believe what his mother just said. “Don’t party too hard hor.” A snide grin appeared on her face, just before she and Richard’s father lugged their huge luggage out of the home. Richard’s hands trembled with the money. He had the time, the money and the energy. The possibilities only awaited…

Day one

The class arrived at the chalet and quickly, everything was set up and rooms were assigned to each person. The girls were to share one room while the guys will have the other. A slow afternoon began. Everyone was down at the beach, either swimming or engaged in ball games.

Richard was hesitant for a moment.

“Hey Rich! Why so gloomy?” He turned around to see S……

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