Teacher Became My Shorty

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Teacher Became My Shorty

Story submitted by: Taller

When I started kindergarten at five years old the rest of my education was spoiled. My teacher was this beautiful, young, blond and although she seemed old to me she was only twenty four at the time. I was obsessed with her and would try to make her proud all the time. She could tell I was sure that I had a crush on her because she would catch me looking at her all the time. I had an obsession with her feet and more specifically her feet in pantyhose. I blamed her for this obsession since I can’t remember having it before she was my teacher. She would frequently remove her heels during school and walked around the class in her pantyhose feet. I remembered thinking her feet were perfect with a high arch that made them looked so small. I remembered thinking I would love to touch her feet one day. The year went by too fast and was soon over. She hugged all of us goodbye and when I gave her a hug she commented on how tall I had become that year and measured me to her. I came almost up to her shoulders. She laughed and said, “Oh wow, I forgot I was wearing my heels. You really are tall! I can’t believe you’re this tall and only finishing kindergarten!” I wished she had taken off her heels to see how tall I was to her without them on but she just said how proud of me she was and enjoyed teaching me that year.

Next year I got an old, larger teacher who was also nice, but not nice to look at. Her feet were huge and I could barely look at them. I would daydream about Miss D’s feet and go to my happy place. Miss D was the name of my kindergarten teacher. We never called her by her last name because it was too long and complicated. I would often go by her class after school to give her a hug, which I loved doing and also to see if she would be wearing pantyhose. She always did and dressed nice every day. She always had a dress on and I remembered thinking how lucky that class was to see her every day. That year I grew fast again and you……

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