How Do You Like the Feeling of Your Best Friend Sucking Your Dick?

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How Do You Like the Feeling of Your Best Friend Sucking Your Dick?

Walking towards the airport check-in counter, that was where I met Serene after our long University semester.

Serene was my closest friend ever since we were kids, she was a real babe. She was in her favorite white two-piece and her silky hair and slender legs that made her the most amazing woman I ever knew and would actually die for. Fuck, even her boobs were amazing. Oh yea, and my mom and her mom were really close friends too.

Our parents had a great idea that we went on a short getaway trip together. My mom whispered to me, “Pss, I hope Serene and you will get along.”

“Oi, Daniel you missed me?” Serene patted my bag and exclaimed.

“Of course not, you so boyish and bimbo. Why would I?” I said. (Obviously, in my heart I meant otherwise.)

Fast-forward to reaching our hotel destination.

“Serene and you will be together in a room, here is your key. Don’t quarrel okay!” My mom nagged.

Serene didn’t seem that surprised by that decision at all.

However, at that point in time, my heart was pounding so hard, I couldn’t believe I will be sleeping with her tonight. I wished something could happen between us so badly. The shower sound came, as I was crazily fantasizing how the night will pan out (If any.).

I rolled both Serene’s and my luggage into the room as I was in deep thoughts on my game plan.

“Whoa, it is a king size bed! You sleep on the right and I sleep on the left okay.” She said, “You know me. I am more of a left person.” She smiled and pulled her tongue out like a little kid.

“I go for a bath first, no peeking okay.” She winked.

Serene walked out of the bathroom with the soft silky white towel wrapped around her boobs, I was staring straight at her straighten out nipples.

“Oi what you are staring at Dan?” Serene questioned, “Didn’t know you were a lecher. Your pant is bulging up already la.”

I couldn’t resist anymore, I walked over, grappled her small hands and wrapped her tiny body around me with her boobs……

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