Sabotage by Friend

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Sabotage by Friend

Here is one of my stories in school.

As school was going to end, one of my classmates (Jessica.), came to me and asked, “Hey Sandy, wanna follow me go swimming?”

I replied, “But I didn’t bring any swimming costume.”

Jessica said, “Don’t worry, I did bring extra bikini, so is that ok?”

As I had nothing to do after school so I agreed. So as the bell rang school ended, Jessica suggested we changed in school before going. As we headed to the toilet to change, Jessica said, “Sandy, you don’t mind, we change in the open space?”

I asked, “Why?”

Followed by her reply, “No particular reason, since no one in school also.”

As I didn’t think much I agreed. So I slowly unbuttoned my uniform, skirt, bra and panties. As I was naked after that I saw Jessica didn’t strip at all but was using her phone all the way. So I asked, “Jessica, why aren’t you changing to your bikini?”

She nervously replied, “Well, we are not rushing right, so why not take our time?”

As her sentence finished someone came in! As I saw them it was a group of boys was friends with Jessica. Slowly they walked in and saw me naked, “Well, well nice work Jessica my little slut! You bring the infamous girl that cucumber masturbate herself. What a nice day.”

I was stunned that I was sabotaged by her. Then I angrily asked, “What you want with me?”

Alex said, “Why not we ask Jessica to perform then you will know. Hey slut (Jessica.), don’t you remember what you supposed to do when you see your master?”

Jessica walked over to them and unzipped Alex’s pants, bringing out his dick and sucking it. I was surprised that Jessica had been used as a sex slave.

Alex: “Now you understand?”

I asked, “Jessica! Why are you being their sex slave?!”

She stopped sucking and replied, “I lost a game to Alex which we had a bet. And the bet was if I lose I will be his toy and he can do whatever to me for a year, so I have been his toy since.”

As Alex continued, “Now she is being passed……

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