From Gym Buddy to Something More

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From Gym Buddy to Something More

Since my return to the little red dot, I had been hitting this little known gym regularly near my office. Over these few years, I had seen this gym gaining popularity with the office crowd in the area. From the largely empty gym with just few regular gym buff who forked out the money to sign up for the membership a few years back (Trust me, it was not even cheaper than the larger and better known commercial chains.), the gym secured quite a number of corporate clients who bought memberships for their staff and grew to what it was today.

With gym access paid for by their company, pretty girls who wanted to keep fit and maintain their figure started to turn up. While the gym crowd was still largely male, there was certainly added incentive for me to train harder with the few eye candies around.

I met Ling on this normal weekday. Went to work, looked forward to lunch, looked forward to knock off time, got to the gym in double quick time, changed, warmed up a little at the strength corner and then started the usual routine before the crowd came and competed for the weights.

I was ten minutes into my routine when I noticed this girl walking past the strength area towards the changing room. She was already in her workout attire – body hugging gray tee shirt, black FBT style running shorts and sports shoes. The tee shirt did very little to concede her extremely firm B+ boobs from my trained eyes. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail, and while she was definitely Miss Singapore material, her looks were pleasant to the eyes and I would consider her very attractive. Her slight tanned skin tone was consistent with the sporty outfit, glowing under the soft gym lighting. Her 1.62m body frame carried her 48 kg weight well, with all the weight in the correct area – perky butt that fitted up the high cut shorts, muscular thighs and calves that contracted with every step, yet her amazingly strong slim waist carried the full B cup top.

If Ling saw me on her way to……

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