An Unforgettable Short Time Experience

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An Unforgettable Short Time Experience

Thought I wanted to share my recent experience of bringing a girl out.

This is a very short series, which I have broken up into three parts and hopefully it serves as a guide too for bros who are interested to explore this field of commercial bonk.

Story a bit long, but hope bros enjoy reading!

I was getting bored one night and thought maybe I should go out and see how was the scene like at Brix (The basement club at Hyatt Hotel, Scotts Road.), on a weekday as the last time I went on a weekend I thought the quality of girls were not too shabby.

Upon reaching Brix, I was surprised to see a queue outside at 10 plus. Why would so many people still be partying on a weekday? But the queue moved quickly and I was let in in minutes.

There were a few Ang Mos in front of me refusing to pay the entrance fee, arguing that they went in before, but their drink coupons got torn up when they went out for a while (Such a lousy excuse.), and they somehow did not get the invisible chop to re-enter.

I was also quite surprised that the place was already quite packed with very limited seats left. In fact, all seats left had a ‘Reserved’ card, not sure if they were really reserved by someone or just temporarily reserved for the big spenders. Got my house pour drink from the counter and started my hunt.

The great thing about going to clubs like this is letting your eyes eat ice cream. Basically, your eyes can feast on cleavages every few seconds. And one advice for bros who go, do not be shy at all. Just go around and mingle and chat, be it with male strangers or females. If you feel shy or awkward to interact, you would find it hard to survive in there. Can bring your kakis along too if you are scared that it would get boring. Remember, 90% of the girls here would only initiate a conversation with a Caucasian, so if you aren’t one and keep quiet you would be a great disadvantage. I saw a young and handsome local Chinese guy who was probably there alone and he……

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