Innocent Young HR Officer / Others Encounters

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Innocent Young HR Officer / Others Encounters

These encounters happened a few years ago when I was still with my previous company. I was an account executive in the company and my job required me to travel around Singapore daily, therefore chances of meeting strangers were high.

My company had around twenty over staffs, but the turnover rate was real high. At that point of time, HR, reception and Finance departments got people resigned, therefore the company really short of manpower. My HR officer (This HR was plump and not pretty therefore no need to say anything about her.), had tendered her resignation and her last day will be in two weeks’ time, therefore a replacement will be needed urgently. There were quite a number of interviewees coming to apply for the job, but most of them CMI one. Until one day, there was this young SYT that entered our office. She was nineteen years old, height around 1.55m, waist probably around 22 inches, A cup. In fact, her body nothing to shout of but really got a SYT look (Vivian Hsu look alike.). I was thinking that finally my office got someone that I can target on liao moreover my dream gal still young. I quickly walked to my HR exec’s desk and told her to hire her. (I was in good term with the HR, so if the SYT not too bad, she would hire her.) As I was in a hurry for a meeting, I can’t wait until she finished interviews and see how was the result. So sad…

The next day my HR told me that she had already hired her as an HR officer… Ho say liao… And my office rendezvous started here… Not only one, but a few encounters.

After a week or two after hearing the good news, Vance finally joined us as an HR officer. She was wearing a white blouse with a black skirt on her first day (Normal office wear.), and was sitting only three tables away from me. She had to walk past me to her seat and at that point of time we only greeted each other with a smile. But the aroma of her perfume and her Vivian Hsu’s looks really started the flag raising ceremony early……

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