All Because of a Spur of the Moment

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All Because of a Spur of the Moment

Wei Ling (WL), was a popular girl in school due to her killer body and angelic face. She had a pair of perky 34D boobs, long and slim legs, bubble butt and she stood at a stunning height of 1.70m.

She was from a wealthy family and both her parents were highly respected businessmen and had very little time for Wei Ling. They also had very high expectations of Wei Ling and expected her to pursue a degree in law at university.

As one of the top students in a top junior college, she excelled in everything in life. As the president of the student council, she was constantly bombarded by stress from academics and the pressure from the school to be the role model for the student population. Coupled with the immense pressure from her parents, she was on the verge of breaking down.

One typical day after school, Wei Ling took a cab to a nearby shopping mall with her clique to have lunch at some atas café as usual. After lunch, they left the café and was on their way home. As they were walking, her ‘eagle eye’ friend, Sam, saw an iphone being left unattended on the table of a food court. Jasmine, a hot girl in her clique with an athletic body from her netball training in school, challenged Wei Ling to steal the iphone. Wei Ling was so shocked as she knew she shouldn’t be doing this. After an intense internal struggle between the need to be a role model and the peer pressure, she eventually succumbed to the peer pressure as her friends jeered at her for being such a loser.

Spurred on by her clique, she went to steal the iphone. Her heart was racing and she was sweating profusely. Adrenaline surged through her body as she slipped the phone into her pocket. She immediately ran back to her friends and they left the mall immediately. “Wow Wei Ling balls man that was awesome!” As her clique cheered for Wei Ling. Wei Ling felt a sense of guilt, but at the same time was surprised by how good it felt. She realized at that moment that thieving helped to relieve her s……

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