Sexual Education 2

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Sexual Education 2

Story submitted by: Dan

This is a continuation of ‘Sexual Education’.

Dawn soon came shining into the room after an exciting night. I woke up first and noticed that Cara were hugging me tightly from my back. I turned over to face her and enjoyed her beauty. I kissed her neck and caressed her shoulders, then her breasts softly so I can enjoy the moment without waking her up. I felt so blessed at this time to have enjoyed a memorable first time sex with the girl I wanted to fuck most at that time. Somehow she woke up catching me touching my dick.

“Wei early morning want to do again! Go order room service la you not hungry meh.” She commanded while she pushed me away and went to the bathroom. I ogled at her hourglass figure while she walked. I called for room service and followed her to wash up.

‘Ding dong’ the doorbell soon rang. I quickly grabbed a bathrobe from the closet and quickly opened the door for the attendant to come in. While I walked behind the attendant into the room, the attendant walked past the open toilet door and I swore I heard him gasping and stared hard into the toilet for that two seconds. I walked past the toilet door after him and found Cara brushing her teeth naked and showing the two of us her boobs. The attendant went out quickly as he was shocked.

“Oh my god Jie you not shy at all ah.”

“I want to show off a bit mah, you saw his reaction? So funny, I need to do it again next time.”

We ate breakfast together and yes, she ate while naked and I just can’t help staring at her smooth body.

“Still early to check out, eh. Should we have round two? This time I will let you have your way with me.” She said while she bit her lips seductively and reaching her toes to my groin area. This action aroused me and I can’t wait to fuck her anymore. I pushed her onto the bed and kissed her hungrily. She hugged me tightly and pulled my head closer to her and kissed me even more passionately. I proceeded to kiss her neck and then……

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