Life of an FL and How It All Began

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Life of an FL and How It All Began

Read so many stories in this forum yet, I can’t identify with any of the stories of broken hearts in this forum. The combination of love lost, of innocence lost, of stepping into something and never able to turn back or even if I have stopped now, I still wouldn’t be able to return to the state of one who is untainted and pure as snow.

Because I am officially an FL.

For the uninitiated, FL stands for freelancers. Prostitute. Whore. Explaining this bit for up until Monday last week, I didn’t have any idea at all what the acronym or many abbreviations in this forum stood for.

And this is my true story. Writing this out not because I am proud of it, nor to elicit sympathies. Just needed a place where I could pour into words what I feel and have seen and have experienced.

Certain details and names has been changed so that in writing out, I would not inadvertently hurt or harm those who has ever stepped into my life, be it even for a mere 45 minutes.

Every single FL’s out there, I am sure or at least I hoped, had there been a better choice, surely no one would step into this field.

Remember when I was younger in my teens or was it early twenties, where I watched Pretty Woman the movie. The film industry had painted the whole picture of escorting and prostituting oneself in such a stylized translucent manner. It was akin to looking through a rose tinted glass at working girls.

Later part in life when I started clubbing, friends and I would head to Geylang for the usual supper. It was also on those many occasions where I saw the street walkers. Used to wonder how life was like for them. How did they even get past the mind-heart-body separation to do what they have to? Used to wonder what kind of horrid things had befallen them for them to deliberately choose this field.

Naive as I was back then, I always felt that surely they did have a choice. And it must be they opted to take the easy way out.

Never did I imagine that many years……

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