Sexual Education 3

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Sexual Education 3

Story submitted by: Dan

This is a continuation of ‘Sexual Education 2’.

I was woken up by the chatter of the girls. They were already awake and preparing to set off for sun rise.

“Oi get up we are leaving to watch the sun rise.”

I stretched myself and went to the toilet to wash up. The two girls hung their underwear on the rack in the toilet and this summoned my morning wood. I was wearing only my shorts so it became very apparent. Cara then barged into the toilet while I was brushing my teeth and yes she noticed my wood.

“Wa eh so energetic in the morning ah? I was drunk last night so I didn’t play with you. I will compensate you tonight ok?” She whispered seductively as she stroked my wood, which was going to become steel very soon. I told her it was okay while I spat out the foam.

“You sure you are fine alright?” She asked again when she blew into my ears like a pro seductress. I looked her in her eyes and assured her with my most sincere heart (It was ok because I had my fun last night. ;)).

“Dan, get out now I wanna shower and do business.” Jane shouted and the both of us got out.

We lay on the bed for a quick nap. Without Jane around, Cara transformed into her lustful mode.

“Wei, give me attention.” Cara pulled the strap of her spaghetti top off and shrugged them. It dropped down her torso and her bra presented in my face. I fell for her evil plot and buried my face into her cleavage anxiously. I motor-boated her breasts and while caressing them through the bra cups, it turned on Cara too. I then tried to push her bra aside to expose her nipples it was difficult for me (At that time.). She then took over by pushing the cups up and revealing her bare breasts finally. I grabbed them both hungrily and started to taste them. Cara relaxed on her back and wriggled every time I sent sensations through her body. She closed her eyes and moaned very softly which gave me a sense of achievement.

“Let’s see who orgasms first! The loser……

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