My Tenants

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My Tenants

Since young I had been saving money so that when I grew up I can own a house to stay by myself. The time had come to finally able to afford a condo. Swimming pool, gym, sauna and fitness corner just within reach.

I owned a condo with three bedroom. One master bedroom and two common rooms. A living room big enough which I can partition for my own gym machine and a study / home entertainment room.

After a few months of staying there, I found that I wasn’t using much of the two common rooms and my parents didn’t usually come to stay a lot. So I decided to rent out the two rooms to earn some money for my maintenance fee.

Posted on the web to look for female tenants instead. I thought that a female will take care of the room better than a male. Waited for two weeks and got a reply from a female from Malaysia. She will be transferred from her office in Malaysia to work in Singapore so she was finding a place near to her workplace.

Two days later she came to view the room. She was wearing her OL black outfit with a deep V cut showing her cleavage. Boobs about C cup from the look of her cleavage. Wow. She just finished settling some taking over stuff from her office and came to view the room so that was why she was wearing the OL outfit. So after finishing looking at the room, she agreed on the rented price and she will move in about a week’s time. She will be going back to her hometown every weekend so she was going to stay during the weekdays only…

*Ring ring.

“Hi, this is ‘A’. Can I request to meet you tomorrow to sign the tenancy agreement because I got to go overseas for work so won’t be able to move in this coming weekend? Don’t worry, you still can charge me starting from this weekend onwards since we had a verbal agreement.”

Me: “Sure. You want to meet me at the nearby Mac or at my house?”

A: “Nearby Mac, is it ok?”

Me: “Ok. I see you at 10.30 am?”

A: “Ok. See you tomorrow.”

After putting down the phone, I wondered……

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