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Yoga Teacher

I never understood why people would attend Yoga or Pilate classes. Anyway, I can never tell the difference between these two. My ex-girlfriend swore by it and always tried to bring me along. I was more active then, doing a lot of sports, basketball, beach volley, swimming, running after work, so naturally, felt that I was in no need to attend any of them to keep fit and healthy as what my ex-girlfriend told me.

Finally relented one fine day and followed her for a trial session. I can’t quite remember, but the teacher to student ratio was about 1:10. While in the class, I scanned around and realized I was the second guy attending this lesson. Feeling pretty uneasy, but well, I told myself it was going to be one session and that’s it.

Her name was Snow, about 1.65m, her black silky flowing hair contrasted her creamy white complexion. An oval face and a pair of amber eyes liked those of a cat. Nice nose and a pair of full lips that looked so kissable. She was wearing a pair of brown tight fitting Yoga pants showing her nice curvy butt. White sports bra with crisscross straps that showed off her washboard abs and a pair of nice boobs. Pretty with a fabulous body.

Luckily, my ex was sitting in front of me, I had all the time to scan and look at Snow. Watching how she managed to do every single contorted move with ease. I on the other hand, was struggling. How wrong I was to think that it was easy.

Snow: “Maybe you can try to do this first before you do a full stretch.”

(She was pressing my back and held my hand to help me achieve a certain pose.)

Looking sideways, her face closed to mine, looking to where my hand was going. I can smell her, whatever shower lotion she was using, it was nice. She turned and saw me staring at her. I smiled and she returned before she walked off to check on others.

End of class, my ex introduced me to her. We had some casual chat before I proceeded to sign up for the class. Not for keeping fit, but for finding a……

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