Sexual Education 4

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Sexual Education 4

Story submitted by: Dan

This is a continuation of ‘Sexual Education 3’.

Cara spent our last night at the resort teaching more techniques on sex and the sexual education that I was receiving from both her and Jane were fulfilling my fantasies.

“You need to learn how to get a girl horny if she isn’t. Satisfy her so she would satisfy you too.” Cara explained as she sat on the edge of the pool and opened her legs wide. She spread her vagina folds to expose the pinkish tissues. She pointed to various parts of the vagina and emphasized on the clitoris.

“This is the sensitive part of the vagina. Girls can reach orgasm just by rubbing this part. It is also why girls like to grind their hips when on top.” I thought of how Jane rode me last night and my body was restarting the engine already. No wonder she rode me like crazy.

“Use your tongue to lick me along the folds and circle around the clit.” I followed her orders and used the tip of my tongue to lick her timidly.

“Oooh, it is fine to use your tip to start off teasing, but sure to use your whole tongue afterwards.” Cara explained as she closed her eyes and started to breathe deeply. Her chest rising and sinking to her breathings. I was really timid at first as I was afraid of hurting her and it felt a little disgusting. But I decided to man up since she was already washed in the water. I changed to lick her with my full tongue and resulted in Cara moaning and twitching. I thought to myself I was doing a good job so I even quickened my pace and licked her clit more often. Cara was now moaning at her normal intensity and moved her hips rhythmically.

“You learn very well! I like it! You may want to try kissing with your lips occasionally too.”

“Muak muck.” I kissed her love hole hard and sucking some skin along. Her vagina started to secrete some smooth liquid very similar to my pre cum.

“Ahhh… I am getting close!” Warned Cara as she moaned louder and louder. I licked and twirled her clit e……

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