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Celest was a young, energetic woman, married to her husband of two years. She was 26 that year, working in a big security MNC as an account manager, having recently promoted after her hard work and perseverance.

With her long just below shoulder length silky hair, almost flawless complexion and C cup assets, one would imagine her husband as a very lucky man. She always wore her black rimmed glasses, as she was severely short sighted, complementing her large eyes. Standing at just 160 cm and weighing only 46 kg, she was the perfect example of a working woman whom just started in the corporate world.

She took occasional jogs around her condo and workouts at the gym, so her figure was pretty good as well, attracting the eyes from guys all over.

In truth, her husband was always overseas for business, leaving her usually alone at home. Sex for her was a once a month affair, sometimes even none. She came from a strict Christian family, her husband being her only sex partner in her whole 26 years. She did, however, occasionally succumb to masturbation at home.

It was a rainy Thursday at work for her and as usual, she was the last one in the office.

“Working late again?”

Celest turned around and shifted her black eyeglasses with her finger and saw Lee Huat, the security guard in charge of the shift on her level that night.

“Yup,” she replied, “Got a lot of work to do.” She smiled.

“Haha, husband not in town again?” Lee Huat asked as he slowly scanned her. She was wearing a white short sleeved blouse with a long black skirt that day, but it wasn’t enough to distract Lee Huat from admiring her long slender legs and her ample chest. Celest was slightly shorter than him, with Lee Huat standing at only 165 cm tall. Her hair was neatly tied up in a bun. And her eyeglasses turned her into a typical AV actress in the perfect venue, at least for Lee Huat.

“Nah, he just left again for work, will be back in another two weeks lor.”

“You very jia lat……

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