How I Broke My Cousin’s Cherry

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How I Broke My Cousin’s Cherry

Late 2005 was when I fucked my Cousin. I was 27 and had never had a serious girlfriend. My Cousin was the daughter of my third uncle, she’s eleven years younger than me. I watched her grow up and unknown to my families, I had been using her as a sex machine since she was young.

When she was between eight to ten, I used to carry her and put her on my lap, right on my dick. I will pretend to let her watch the cartoons, or sat behind her when she’s playing the PC or X-box. Then I will rub my dick against her butt, till I cummed into my underwear.

My Cousin was not really pretty, just average. But she was very tall for her age. Even at ten, she was just ten centimeters shorter than me (I was 178 cm tall.). And being tall meant she had long legs, which was what I liked best in a woman. So being with her, I sort of imagined her as a teenager (Not difficult with her height.), and used her to masturbate whenever possible. Needless to say, I went to my third uncle’s house very often and all along they just thought I liked to go play X-box with my Cousin.

Although I was not into kids sex, being with no girlfriend, she was the next best thing for me to cum in pleasure (Not to mention free.). It was really wonderful while having her sitting up against me with her butt on my dick. And I will wrap my legs around her legs, feeling our tight touching each other skin to skin. Then I will move against her, rubbing, imagined I was fucking a gal. You would be surprised that sometimes she was so engrossed into the X-box that I can reach my hands into her panty and rubbed her underage pussy till it got wet.

This continued until one day when she was eleven years old… As usual, I was doing my groin exercise again, with her playing the X-box and my aunt in the living room watching television. As I was about to cum, an evil thought came into my mind…

Why don’t I try to cum into her pussy? I never tried it before and just the thought of it set me crazy. So I pushed……

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