Hi all, I’m officially returning to tumblr after my escapade to Instagram. Had my fun there but feels that it’s too limited. So I’ve a few things to update all my followers! There will be a few sections up in the near future, you can just search those tags on my blogs for fast access.

This will be mainly my photos of me going crazily nude in the public, or even when I’m with girls but would be mainly just me! I don’t think I’ve fans who likes to see guys but what the hell, this is my blog. FeedbAcks and suggestion would be appreciated.
And if there’s girls featured, I’ll add a new tag.

This would be a section for me to post up what I have from my contacts. Would definitely be original. So as mentioned above, it will also be under #me

Do feel free to submit your friends, your eye candies, your partners, or whatever that you feel that will goes right here! Credit will be given, unless you request not to be known (I’ve a few followers who did that).

This is a brand new section where I’ll be posting stories that can be fiction or non fiction. Or even fantasies or sext I have. I’ve received quite a good feedback that I’m pretty good at it. And definitely, there will be a tag for each stories.

Thank you all for my ever-growing followers base! Really happy that my old followers stay with me. And definitely delighted with the positive comments I received, but as usual, message for contacts would be ignored.

And to other local tumblrs out there! I would like to connect with you girls/guys/couples. And by that I mean those who post themselves up instead of just girls. It’d be cool to discuss how we all think and maybe we can also help each other in growing our blogs. Do message me!

Be wild, true to your pleasure.

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