The First Time Sex with Ex-Girlfriend

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The First Time Sex with Ex-Girlfriend

I would like to share here a true account of the first time I had sex with an ex-girlfriend.

We had met at the Malaysian Formula 1 GP at Sepang International Circuit over a year earlier. We were both virgins at the time we met and as so had decided to keep it. We were looking for a romantic moment for the both of us to do it. We had only dated for about a month or so and it all ended when I had to move to Australia to do my flying training. Even though we did sleep together during that time, but without sex, just almost naked caressing. Essentially, she left her panties on.

I had seen and kissed her breasts on our first date and used to regularly get her topless and played with her firm, almost perfect B-cup breasts and nipples, but had never actually gone as far as fingering her whilst we were together. Rubbing her clit and lips, dry humping through her (Or mine.), pants, but never actually put anything inside her at the time.

After I moved we remained good friends and used to keep in touch with each other by phone, email and also Facebook regularly but just for an afternoon or evening. Until six months after we split when she stayed over at my place during my break from flying and I gave her the first orgasm of her life. That night I did put my fingers inside of her. I can recall being really proud of myself by how powerful her orgasm ripped through her body. Those perfect breasts shimmering as her back arched and the screams of bliss that left her mouth. Neither of us had any condoms that night or else we might have gone further still.

As it was, that night really messed her up for a while. I still didn’t want a long distance relationship (Well medium distance to be honest.), and she still wanted me. Giving her the first orgasm of her life just reinforced the bond from her perspective. For me, I realized I was surprisingly good at pleasuring a woman and wanted more. It also made me think about sex a lot more. The following weekend I lost my……

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