I Never Knew, I Had Hot Neighbors

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I Never Knew, I Had Hot Neighbors

It was a Thursday night and I was lazing on my sofa surfing my Starhub channels, and it was getting pretty darn ass boring. I was watching some music video on MTV and I was about to doze off when…

“Oi, send me.” My sis’s head appeared from the top of the stairs. KNNB disturb my sleep. Damn shiok sia the feeling when you were about to konk then she had to wake me up. “Go where?” I asked. “Tampines. I am going to stay over at my friend’s.” She replied. “Ok, ok. Wake me up when you’re ready to go out.” I replied. Unfortunately… I didn’t get the chance to sleep because she bounded down the stairs five minutes later. Grabbed my car keys, my wallet, and phone and got out of the house to the lift landing.

The lift came and we entered and headed to the ground floor. At level two, the lift stopped and two gorgeous ladies entered. They were on rollerblades, so the first thing I saw was their asses. They could not be far apart and judging by their facial similarities, they were Sisters. (Which I got to know later on.) Early 20’s, could not be far apart, great figures. Not plump, not too thin, just nice. Nice pair of tits on both of them. Not too big, not too small, but definitely on the bigger side. With such great asses to boot, god damn they got me sprung in three seconds. One was wearing a white top, another was wearing pink (What I judged seemed to be correct, the pink was the Younger Sister.). Their clothes were pretty much hugging so I could not take my eyes of them, both of them. But I had to keep cool and appear nonchalant, my sis was there. What a spoiler, I hated her at times like this. But I was feeling fucked up, there went my chance to chat them up and since I never saw them before, I was pretty much tongue tied. Well, too bad then.

Sent my Sister to her friend’s house, her friend was kind of hot too. But my mind was somewhere else and I met my friend to chill for a coffee and some smokes. It was around 11 pm when I was parking the car.

I saw……

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