An Illicit Office Affair

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An Illicit Office Affair

My company would employ those interns / on OJT as slave labor and due to the nature of my job, I would always be in contact with them.

There was this new gal that came in, an NTU fresh grad. My first impression of her (To protect her identity, I will call her Clara.), was that she’s super tao / unfriendly / very proud or something. However, Clara’s dressing would be these tight blouses / tops and stretch skirts, showing off her assets, and what assets! Her height was about 1.65m, about 50 kg (Which was exactly what I liked because super curvy.), and these perfect pair of boobs which I suspected to be D cuppers that would heave with every breath Clara took (More on that later.).

Anyways, I didn’t really care because I was happily attached to my wife.

About three months after she joined the company, we had to take over an urgent project that was due in eight weeks.

During these eight weeks, she had to work very closely and she slowly warmed up to me. We would go for lunch together or if we had fallen back on our timeline, Clara would run out to dabao lunch and sometimes even dinner and we ate together in the pantry and then back to work.

Our relationship would be more or less strictly professional, but I would still have the chance to send her home because by the time we knocked off every night, it would already be late, so I would drive from Suntec to her home in Serangoon, near Chomp-chomp.

I am sure you brothers know how is it like to work with someone so closely for extended periods of time, it would become a daily ritual our lunch and sometimes dinner dates and I would drive her home.

During this time, me and the wife were more and more distant because I was never home.

Too soon, the eight weeks were up and as I was uploading our project to corporate HQ, I felt so relieved that I said out loud to no one in particular, “Thank fuck this is over, I would kill for a bloody drink!” Joe looked at me and said, “Ya, we need to cut……

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