I Am the Devil Lurking in My School – Softball Star

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I Am the Devil Lurking in My School – Softball Star

Story submitted by: Tom

I was a devil in my JC (Let’s call it FJC.). I was a blackmailer and a serial rapist. My name is Luce, let me tell you how my story began…

It all started with Lisa. Lisa was an extremely athletic girl. She was petite and cute, and had a really nice ass. She was in the softball CCA and had been voted MVP of the tournament three years in a row back in secondary school. She was super popular and I knew I had to have her. The easy part was befriending her. We became gym buddies, frequently going to the school gym together. I enjoyed looking at her ass and cleavage when she bent over.

One day, while preparing our protein shakes, I decided to add a little special something in hers. I brought her bottle to the toilet and unzipped my pants. I started masturbating, the thought of me fucking and destroying Lisa, the most athletic and popular girl in school was too much for me to handle. I leaned over and emptied my balls into her bottle. I handed her the protein shake as I normally would and she drank it all up. I swore I saw that she winced a little.

But it wasn’t enough for me, I had to do more. So, before every match of her A Division tournament I would search through her school bag. Her softball glove was my target. I opened it. It smelled of her sweat and was slightly moist, probably leftover sweat from her previous match. I put my dick inside of it, imagining it was Lisa’s pussy. It was soft and furry. I moved the glove up and down until I finally came. I shot three loads and concentrated it toward the finger section of the glove. I used her jersey to wipe off the remaining mess on my dick, using the chest area of the jersey and especially the sleeves as I knew she would use that area to wipe her sweat later on.

I watched all of Lisa’s matches. I watched her wiped her sweat with her cum-filled sleeves and caught balls with her cum-filled glove. After the match, I knew what to do. I bought a bag of chips from the canteen,……

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